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About ALJ Consulting

ALJ is a family run company providing a unique combination of services. Al Grose is the A in ALJ, and is one of 7 Certified ASP Instructor Trainers in Canada. ALJ provides training in both physical and academic studies to assist Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.

Here's the unique part...

Al is also a magical entertainer who has been making children and adults alike smile for close to 20 years. Al's fun combination of comedy and expert sleight of hand has audiences both laughing and amazed.

Al Grose

Al is a number of things - a husband and father foremost - but he is also a well qualified ASP Training instructor, and internationally recognized Professional Magician. Al takes all matters he involves himself in seriously, and with extreme dedication.

Lyn Grose

Lyn takes care of all of the "behind the scenes" work for ALJ Consulting, and manages all of the bookings for Al's ASP and Magical Entertainment services.

John Grose

John is currently studying Zoology at the University of British Columbia. With 8 years of combative training under his belt, John's ultimate goal is to be able to protect those who cannot protect themselves - people and animals alike.


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